garage 2010

In 2009 Clarion MMA started in a portion of a 2-car garage.  This pic is Leo and Hillary in the garage after their first tournament.




01 academy 02 academy

In 2011 Clarion MMA moved to a building on Route 322 in Clarion.  In the pictures above you can see the mat area in 2011.



IMG_7551 IMG_7552 IMG_7553

The next addition was a wall in the mat area built by Koah Pentz.  We are pretty sure this is the most sturdy wall in the entire building.



03 academy 04 academy

In 2013 we expanded the mat area and remodeled a portion of what we creatively call “the middle room”.

07 academy 08 academy




We have since upgraded the mat on the floor and added padding to most of the walls around the mat.

IMG_8409 IMG_8411


However, to the members of Clarion MMA, it’s never been about the changes to the mat, it’s about the changes that happen on the mat.