IMG_6058Sensei Eric brings decades of martial arts experience with him as he steps onto the mat.  He was a Mixed Martial Artist before MMA was a sport. Eric is skilled in a variety of fighting arts and has trained and taught throughout the world. He is also a trained doctor and serves part time in the military. His lifetime of training has made it so he truly knows how to break the human body and then put it back together again. When his schedule allows, Eric is the head instructor of Taijutsu for Clarion MMA. He leads us with traditional instruction that has served him well both in the tournament ring and during his wartime deployment overseas.

Some of Eric’s Highlights:

4th Degree Black Belt – Shin Go Ju Ryu Karateeric

4th Degree Black Belt – Judo

1st Degree Black Belt – Ninjutsu

Brown Belt – US Marine Corps Martial Arts

Green Belt – Aikido

Green Belt – Kendo/Iaijutsu

Yellow Belt – Okinawan Kinse Karate

Green Sash – Shaolin Kungfu

Blue Sash – Jeet Kune Do/EscrimaIMG_6059

Certificate of Proficiency – Martial Blade Concepts