It’s time for a talk about money.

Don’t worry, we aren’t raising the rates or changing anything, mostly we just want to thank you.

First, we purposely keep our rates low so that everybody has equal access to the benefits of the martial arts, regardless of income.  With plans that start at $20 per month we try to be affordable to everyone.  That also means we run things pretty tight.

The average student is enrolled in unlimited classes for $45 per month.  Here’s where that $10 per week goes:

Well, actually it doesn’t go to our instructors, we are all volunteers (including me) that show up week after week because we love sharing the martial arts.  Like the saying goes, “We Don’t Do It for the Income We Do It for the Outcome”.  It really is about as non-profit as a business can be.

Your monthly membership does, however, cover the rent, lights, heat, insurance, internet, water and sewer bills.  It also buys the things like garbage bags, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.

If it was a good month (meaning there weren’t a bunch of people that took the holidays or summer off) then we have a little bit extra that goes into improvements for the academy.  If you have been around long enough to remember the old mats, you know how far we have come over the years.  Obviously, we still have plenty of room for improvement.  What it boils down to is the choice between a rougher look that everybody can afford or a beautiful facility for the wealthy.  I’m pretty sure you know which route we took.

So, your monthly payments are important to us.  We sincerely thank you for your part.  If by chance you have forgotten to pay or have slipped behind a little, please rectify that.

Some people wonder about the money from private classes.  That is the budget that goes to enrolling your instructors in seminars so they can continue learning as well, in turn providing better instruction.  It is also the money that goes toward getting coaches to tournaments and fights.  Typically it’s the competitors that pay for the privates so it seems fitting that it is the method of paying for gas, motels, and other traveling expenses for their coaches.

When we want something specific we fundraise for it.  For example, last month we hosted a murder mystery dinner to buy a pair of grappling dummies for the youth classes.  We just finished penny wars and are doing the Chinese auction to pay for a seminar we are putting on this month.

We are also in the middle of fundraising for a new building.  This has turned out to be a slow process, but one we are continuing to pursue.  For example, we are planning the seminar this month.  If we manage to fundraise more than required for the seminar then the extra will add to the new building fund.

In closing, things are running fine, there is no need to raise the rates for everyone.  If you know the rates are crazy low and would like to show more support every month then I suggest enrolling in one of the new plans that offer the option for private lessons to supplement your group classes.  Or, if you would like to help out in the near future, I suggest trying your luck with some Chinese auction tickets.

Thanks for your continued support in this journey we are all taking together.  We are trying to build a better community, one student at a time.

Newsletter March 2016

This month we attempting a new format for posting the newsletter online.  Hopefully you can click on the image to enlarge it and read it on your screen.  Fear not, if for some reason it doesn’t work as predicted you can always pick up a paper copy the next time you are at Clarion MMA.

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