May 17th, Sunday, No Jiu Jitsu Classes.

Yes, kickboxing at 4pm is happening, but no kids or adult jiu jitsu or open mat.


May 17th, Sunday, Demonstrations in the Park.

We will be doing martial arts presentations in the park in New Bethlehem.  The karate, youth jiu jitsu and youth judo classes will be demonstrating.  If you are in one of those classes you are invited to join us.  Presentation starts at noon and will run about an hour.  This is at the park next to Redbank Creek.


June 1st Our summer schedule will begin.

This means the weekday 11am classes will move to 12:30.


July 18th NAGA Grappling Championships will return to Pittsburgh.

I would like to take a huge team of people this year.  This is an excellent tournament with good referees, cool prizes, and decent organization.  Also, this a good event to have as your first “away” tournament.  I expect to take a lot of our kidjitsu class, our adults and teens, and I hope that some of our college students can find their way there even though they are home for summer break.


Summer Camps

We have three summer camps on the schedule.  Zombie Survival, Hunger Games Survival and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  They are filling up faster than they ever have before so please let me know if you have a child that is planning to attend but you haven’t registered yet.  More camp info here:


Our New Clarion MMA Building

As you most likely already know, we are currently fundraising towards a new building.  We are renting the space we are in now and would like to move a permanent (and improvable) building.

You can track our progress here:

On the Go Fund Me page you can track our online donations as well as our offline donations and event donations.

Ultimately we are aiming for $100K.  Obviously, more is better but we don’t need anything too fancy.  We would need to raise at least $20K to use as a down payment to finance the rest.  So far we are quite short of that goal.   Based on our current progress we will not be moving in the fall as we had hoped.   However, there is still time to change that and make it happen!

As with most fundraising ventures our main goal is to collect money, although, we are not looking to just collect donations.  It is our goal to offer something of value in exchange for the money.  Here are some of the things we have done or are working on:

Roll-a-Thon – On May 1st we held an event offering a 24 hour open mat for jiu jitsu.  The cost was $20 per person.  Snacks and water were free, and so was a t-shirt if you pre-registered.  This raised slightly over $600.

Dine for Dollars – The Roadhouse donated a portion of a night’s sales to our cause.  This raised $200.

Lifetime Memberships – Anyone that donates $1,000 gets a lifetime membership (they can get it in someone else’s name if they want).  This adds directly to the fundraising total and as a reward you get a lifetime of free classes.  It’s a win-win!  This is especially nice because it is useful immediately, once you make this donation there is no more monthly membership, whether we are in this building or the next.

Business Sponsorships – For businesses that are looking for a great cause to get behind we can offer a variety of sponsorship and advertising opportunities.  We have summer camps, seminars, self defense workshops, and fitness activities that are all looking for sponsors.  Opportunities start at $500.

So, if you have something to offer please let us know.  If you want to make a donation that is wonderful.  If you have time you can volunteer or a way to secure a sponsorship that is also extremely useful.