About Clarion MMA

Clarion MMA is a Martial Arts Academy located in Clarion, Pennsylvania.  The goal of Clarion MMA is to unite those of us in the Clarion area looking to further our fitness or martial arts education with some of the most knowledgeable trainers in the area.  We are currently looking for new members.  With over 20 classes each week our schedule is sure to have something you are looking for.  Whether you are interested in competing in Mixed Martial Arts, Karate or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments or are just looking for a great workout, we can help.  We offer a variety of martial arts and fitness classes.  Regardless of your age or skill level we are sure to have something for you!

Remember, everybody’s first class is FREE!



One time class – $10 per class

1 class per week – monthly $30 Auto-Pay/$40 (Cash or Check),

2 classes a week – monthly $40 Auto-Pay/$50 (Cash or Check),

Unlimited classes- monthly $50 Auto-Pay/$60(Cash or Check),

Class Descriptions:

Kid-Jitsu  (ages 5 – 12)- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and self defense tailored for youth.  We

teach takedowns, throws, grappling and submissions, but there is no punching or kicking

taught in this class.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  (BJJ) – BJJ is a form of submission grappling.  There are two types,

with and without a gi (uniform).  In  both types we train to engage an opponent, take them

down to the floor and move into a position where we are able to force them to submit, or

“tap out”.


Kickboxing – A martial art from that uses punches, kicks, knees

and elbows while standing or clinched with an opponent.  Kickboxing classes are perfect

whether you just want an aerobic workout or if you want to learn how to be a competitive



Taijutsu (7 and up) – Shin Go Ju Ryu Tai Jutsu is a martial art that employs unarmed

combat that includes throws and strikes, as well as sword techniques, stick and staff

techniques, throwing weapons, stealth and more.  Taijutsu classes are perfect for those

who are looking for the discipline, respect and honor of the traditional martial arts.


Karate  (ages 8 and Up) –  Punches, kicks, and self defense techniques taught in a

traditional martial arts style.  This form of karate, Shotokan Karate, is divided into

three parts: kihon (basics), kata (forms or patterns of moves), and kumite (sparring).


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) – To be an MMA fighter you need to do more than learn how

to strike and how to grapple, you need to know how to combine the different arts

effectively.  In a regular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class you won’t necessarily learn how to submit

someone that is punching you, or learn how to stand up from grappling because they

aren’t standard skills in BJJ.  In a kickboxing class you won’t learn how to kick or punch

with the thought that your opponent may try to take you down to the ground, that’s not

part of kickboxing.  MMA classes are for students that want to learn how to combine the

different arts and become a well-rounded fighter.   Our MMA 101 class requires no

experience or prior knowledge.


Judo  – is a martial art and combat sport where the goal is to throw, trip or otherwise take

your opponent to the ground and then immobilize or submit them.  We teach a variety of

throws and take downs as well as the proper ways to fall and land when being taken down.


Private Classes – Privates give you a chance to work on what you need work on.  This could

be overall fitness, a particular martial art, a certain technique or preparing for an upcoming event.

These are subject to instructor availability and cost $25 per hour, 5 for $100.

Meet our Instructors Here!


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Aces of the Mat

Throughout the month of February you can collect playing cards at Clarion MMA and try to build the best possible hand.  We will be holding a potluck March 3rd to redeem prizes. Win prizes based on how good your hand is at the end of the event!


This challenge is free to enter, get a card for:

  • Every Class you attend
  • Bringing a friend to class (you get your regular card, they get a card, plus you get a bonus card!)
  • Write a review on Facebook 
  • Write a review on Google


PRIZES to be awarded March 3, 2019 at our potluck!!

  • Royal Flush – $250 cash (split evenly if more than one person)
  • Straight Flush – A Golden Ticket, redeemable for any event, seminar, summer camp or escape room at Clarion MMA, value up to $200.  This will go only to the highest straight!
  • 4 of a kind – Any Gi we have in stock, up to $150.  This will only go to the highest 4 of a kind.
  • Full house – $50 (split evenly if more than one person)
  • Straight – Your choice of in-stock T-shirt, up to $20
  • Flush – Your choice of in-stock foam nunchucks, up to $8
  • 3 of a kind – Redeem any time for your choice of drink from the fridge, up to $2
  • Pair – Redeem any time to draw a new card!




Some fine print:  Yes, you can trade cards with other students. Yes, your friend can give you their card. You can only redeem one online review per username, but yes, if you use your family member’s account to submit another review you can get another card.  Cards for attendance will be given at the end of class to those that participated in that class. Only our specially marked cards that are given out are eligible to be used. In case of a tie, the suits will be ranked in this order: Diamonds are the highest, followed by spades, hearts then clubs.  In case there is still a tie for the highest hand we will do our best to duplicate the prizes.


State of the Academy

We are moving!

As I wrote last year, we have spent a while searching for a new home for Clarion MMA.  We have outgrown our current location and would like to expand. So, I am happy to announce that this spring we will be moving about a mile and a half up the road, closer to Clarion.

Most people know the building as “the old Agway”.  1130 E. Main St. It sits between Sheetz and the university.  It was most recently an antiques store. Our projected move-in will be in the middle of March with a grand opening at the first of April.

We plan to add a lot of value to your memberships.  First, we will expand our weight room and extend our open hours to give you the chance to workout in addition to your regular classes.  Second, our new changing rooms will include showers, something we have wanted to add for a long time. Third, and perhaps most exciting, we will operate on two mats simultaneously.  This will give us the opportunity to expand our class schedule!

As you probably know, our instructors are all volunteers (this all was explained in last year’s letter here.) We run Clarion MMA on a bare-bones budget with all of the money taken in going right back into the services we provide you.  Unfortunately, this means that the next few months will be harder than usual for us. We will not only have the usual monthly expenses to cover, but we will also be covering the costs of the new location as we renovate it to suit our needs.

This brings me to a call for help.  We have a lot of things we would like to add to the new space, but we have to cover the necessities first.  If we can save some money on the first few projects, we can stretch that savings to cover a few more projects.  

Donate online here!

As we move into our new location we have the opportunity to drastically improve the new mat area. As it is now, there are three columns running from the floor to the ceiling. We have the opportunity now to remove those columns and replace them with support beams that will run across the ceiling. This will not only improve the appearance and use of the mat area, it will also increase the safety of all of our students. Unfortunately, even though all of the necessary engineering, design and labor will be donated, it’s still an expensive upgrade.

So, we are turning to our Clarion Mma supporters and reaching out for help. We are asking for folks to sponsor a foot of beam. Once the beam is in place each sponsor’s name plaque will be printed and displayed on their section of beam, letting everyone know you support the team. Sponsorship is only $25 for an individual, $50 for a business.

Overall, things are going well for Clarion MMA.  We are continuing to grow, expand and improve. This year will mark a new era for us and I am excited to take the next step on this journey with all of you.  

Sponsor a foot here!